About Us

Matt is a bit of a jack of all trades, boasting a resume of national and international Opera performance, professional beer, wine, and granola making, convention operations management, folk/trad music performance, and voice acting.

While traveling the country Matt performs trad and folk music at Renaissance and Music events, and freelances in Voice Acting. He’s also brought his passion for craft beverages into his content creation for the Rovers Way Patreon and YouTube channel, in the form of tastings, interviews, and more!

Keira grew up in western NY, loving Celtic music since her first time seeing Riverdance on PBS as a child. It took her awhile to overcome some serious stage-fright and now she is working hard to be the best musician she can be!

Her creative side comes out in music of course, but she is also an accomplished cook, fiber-artist, and learning digital art creation; and she is a yoga teacher passionate about holding an inclusive and accessible space for the practice.